Anonymous asked: How much do you think Sophia will slay the world with her wedding dress?

I think she will look good but not in the SLAYDOM couture way everyone is thirsty for in a royal bride. I actually think her dress will be pretty modest but, that’s just me. Just seeing all the shit she’s been through, I think it will be that way. And I’m 80% sure it will have that almost off the shoulder look that Victoria and Madeleine’s gowns had.

Anonymous asked: I think William would look good with long hair. I mean, with the balding, it would almost be like a sexy rat tail. #sorrynotsorry


Anonymous asked: So which prince do you think would look best with long ponytail hair?

I think Carl Philip would look good with long hair like that. I mean shit, he’s already pretty… but imagine! Full Orlando Bloom Pirates of the Caribbean status.

Anonymous asked: Do you think Cam and Charles still talk dirty to each other?

I mean why not?!?! They’re older, but idk why people think that means they’re incapable of having wants and needs, and talking dirty! :)

Anonymous asked: After Harry's little rant about social media and Tanna confirming Harry reads his twitter, I am 100% sure Harry has DRC bookmarked. Don't give me this "I track my visitors and no Harry" shit, Kiki. Like the palace doesn't have one ginormous IP slinger attached to it's router. Plus, WTF kind of tracker do you have that will single out a specific Kensington "cottage" over the rest of London?

Well if he does read this blog, and hates twitter just for taking a pic every time he eats a cheeseburger, then I’m 99.9% sure he hates my freaking guts anyway 😂

See this smirk and eyebrow raise

yeah…he totally does that right before going down on a girl


Anonymous asked: Brb I'm going to break into the palace and burn all of Harry's horrid fedoras. Just no. If you want to wear a hat, make it baseball or cowboy. Damn fedora trend needs to end!


Prince Harry at the Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire on July 26, 2014


From Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014/15 Show.

(click the image for HQ)

Anonymous asked: gif reaction to getting lost at Kensington and walking into an unlocked room where William is dancing in tighty whiteys singing "If you wanna be my lover!"


Anonymous asked: gif reaction to waking up to Charles sitting on the edge of your bed whispering sweet nothings into your ear?

Anonymous asked: gif reaction to Harry shaking his pancake booty at you

Anonymous asked: gif reaction to Amedeo crying when he meets you and realizes he married the wrong girl

Anonymous asked: gif reaction to being invited to Eugenie's slumber party when everyone starts dishing the aristo gossip